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Unserviceable sewer pipes

Community Alerts, Dumi Mkhuma, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Vosman, 2019/08/19

In VOSMAN under Elm IN Mpumalanga we have a problem of Seware leakeg. Which happens all the time and the whole Community is affected especially the Children. Who always play in the running Seware waste. and end up having rush and Difficult in breathing. we spoke to the municipality they promised to remove the small pipes and install New big pipes .

And At VOSMAN we have a Challenge as the neighbours of the cruedmines my wife has to do the unpaid job of creaning our house two our or three times daily also to wash the curtains once a week as a results of blasting from our neighbours (Mine)This leads to my Wife spending many hours in doing unpaid job. Story

by Dj Mkhuma