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Water scarcity in Empumelelweni

Community Alerts, Klaas Mokwana, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Ezinambeni, Empumelelweni, 2019/08/14

Water scarcity at Empumelelweni in eMalahleni.water is a source of life, as a human body has about 70% of water in it,water play a very significant role daily in our lives, which should result to everyone to love access to healthy nor clean water.
Everyone has a right to clean drinkable water. As the residents of Empumelelweni, we are facing a very traumatic challenge of accessebility daily to clean water taking a risk with our health has become a habit in our lives not having daily access to clean water has led us as a community to rely on streams as our source of life.we are surrounded by plenty of mines which means that the water from those streams aren’t healthy as those mines blast anytime,chemicals are used in those mines , we strongly believe that we drink water from streams which could possibly contain deadly chemicals. To confirm that indeed the streams are contaminated
Whenever you drink the water you experience weirdly stomach cramp. This is one of the Challenge where we gamble with our lives because we also share the water with livestock. therefore as the residents, we are plead to have a daily accessibility to healthy and clean water as water serves many purposes.

Story by happy Klas mokwana