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Women struggle Meet Elizabeth Amutenya from Etope, Okatana, Namibia   Elizabeth is one of the women who work in their communities to educate fellow women on their rights and leadership. Women in Etope are oppressed and don’t know their rights in the village when the husband is deseased women end up loosing everything and some they are even chased out from their home if they don’t ha e a boy child all the benefits that goes back to their men s family, this is a problem because women also support this especially mothers in laws, they don’t support fellow women. In the community of Etope there’s also the high dropouts of girl child because they believe that girl child must get married and take care of the family this lead to girls migrating to towns and start prostitution because of lack of education and jobs. Even though there’s a sand mining in their village women are not Givin opportunities to work there as they believe the work of women is to take care of the family. Elisabeth and her fellow women they are now working on the farms and also encourage women to work for themselves and to their rights, she is part of the Namibia Rural Women Assembly, the organization that is working with women farmers and promoting the indigenous farming in their country the do crops and animals farming and also produce bags and pots and they do village banks (Stokfel) to keep their business going.