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Community alerts/ Mmabore Mogashoa/Tshehlwaneng, Ga-Mogashoa/19/09/2019, 07:04]

Condom waste at our village streets Anyone using condoms is considered to be an adult. But the streets are not clean as a result of used condom packages thrown anywhere. It is really shameful because while I was walking passed Mogashoa Primary school at Ga-Mogashoa village under Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality, I saw a package of used condom on the 18 September 2019 in the morning. I used the same road the previous day but did not see anything, meaning it was used on the 17 September night or 18 September morning. It is really disappointing. Young children walk to and from school/ creche during the week and they might touch the waste some not knowing what the packages are for. Animals may consume this and I am not sure if it safe for animal health. Condoms are free and it looks like some of the users are not responsible. The government spend lot of money so that people can access them to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies but at the end users throw them anywhere. I looked around while walking and I realised that it is not one condom package but few at different sides of the road. If it starts raining this will go straight into our rivers where the livestock drink water. Condoms are nicely packed at clinics and other places, people need to be responsible on where to throw them after use for a cleaner environment.

By Mmabore