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Effects of Climate Change

Community alerts/ Mmabore Mogashoa/Tshehlwaneng ,Ga-Mogashoa/30/09/2019, 17:07]

It is September in South Africa, Limpopo but some days feels like it is still Winter, very cold or August because its windy and dust is everywhere. Somedays are very very hot, the temperatures are rising. The seasons are changing because of the effects of what is done in the country, now we experience climate change. Today is the 30 September 2019, the last day of September but the land is still dry. Yes we had few hours of rain in other parts of Limpopo but is not enough for us, the animals and our land. Animals are dying of hunger and more of them are very thin as a result. The farming is in trouble and we will be loosing more and more of our plants. The climate is changing and this is not good for our planet and everything that lives on earth. The rivers are dry because of mining and lack of rain. Is time to stand up for climate change and save our heritage.

By Mmabore