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Covid-19 lock down updates in Thulani Snake – Park ( Soweto)

08 April 2020:
By Thokozile Mntambo

Thulani Snake-Park is unfortunately one of the townships in Soweto with the highest number of people suffering from TB , Asthma , Lung cancer and many children born with cerebral palsy. This is because of the toxic mine waste from the tailing dump. Residents living in informal settlements are sharing taps on daily basis to get water .

Since this national lock down the taps are overcrowded because most of the people are not going to work and the schools are closed. Their safety is compromised because these taps are not sanitised and there is no social distancing taking place. It’s been two weeks since the lockdown and a JoJo tank has been placed but it is not yet working or helping the community.

South Africans are told that in order to fight the spread of Covid-19 , we must wash our hands regularly and to social distance . This is unfortunately a challenge for some of the citizens in our country.