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About out Children – Tablets and Data

Mmathapelo Thobejane Ditwebeleng village Education is key It’s been 27 days since the national lockdown in SA and the schools closed on the 18th of March 2020. At first the lockdown was supposed to be over a period of only 21 days but because of the rate at which the virus is spreading it has been increasing and now we have been locked up in our homes for about 5 weeks. I am very worried about the future of my kids and younger siblings. There has been no communication whatsoever from the principal or the teachers on ways our kids can use to learn sitting at home like other children who are for example doing online learning.

 The most devastating fact is the fact that our kids will not be having any online lessons because of the poor background they come from and the lack of resources from the public school’s side. I would suggest that the government offer our kids in public schools tablets and data. If they can hand R350 out to non-working South Africans why is it so hard to provide the future holders of SA with resources to further their education? Tertiary institutions like the University of the Witwatersrand managed to handout 4000 laptops and 30 gigs of data to do remote learning, surely it should be easier setting up primary and secondary school online slides.

 The kids have been over joyed for the first few weeks of not going to school but now they can feel that it has been too long. I cannot answer their questions on when the schools are to open. Every child has the wish to move on to the next grade and continue with their education to become the doctors and lawyers they aspire to be.