Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid19 Lockdown Diary Madadeni Mpumalanga

Benerd Ngomane
Madadeni, Nkomazi in Mpumalanga
 07 April 2020

During the day the community are moving up and down freely as if nothing is going on. The police do pass them. On the 04 April 2020 some were chased by the police for public drinking, the police managed to possess the liquor and broke them.

Pakistans local shops operates from 9am until 3pm. During the sunset the main road becomes quiet, then you can only meet one person in a distance of a kilometre. In the rural areas you still hear the sound of kids playing together. As there’s no confirmed case of the Covid19 in the surrounding areas, most of the people still believe that the virus impacts only the urban area because people there travel a lot, Unlike people in the rural communities.
There was a funeral today, my sister attended. She says police came with cameras and took pictures of them. The deceased was well known on the community and that influenced many people to attend which made them to be more than 200