Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid19 Lockdown Diary – Mpumalanga

Emalahleni in Vosman, Ezinambeni, the locations and Empumelelweni are facing a big struggle of shops not opened and the abuse of being threatened and being locked up if found on the streets during patrols. The shops are closed and there is no stock as the shop owners are not allowed to go buy stock in town, they are told that they need permits to open their shops and also need permits to go to stock goods. we need permits to go to our local clinics, to go to shopping malls for food and other needs and as for funerals only 40 ppl are allowed to attend which is what happened during the week where a funeral took place and we couldn’t even attend the funeral because of the strict conditions in place and everything must be completed in an hour service and people who attended the funeral had to have their IDs with or else they will lock you up. taxis are allowed to move from 5-9am then later at 4pm and allowed to carry less than 5 passengers per trip and if in a private car only the driver is allowed and no passengers. If it’s a van only two people are allowed, the driver in front and 1 passenger at the back. This is really a struggle as the streets are being patrolled.