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THE COVID-19 Mining and Employment ]

Bokamoso Mfidikoe Zakhele Thekwane , Rustenburg
Veli Khosa

Since the mine closed 2 shaft’s in 2012 what we only hear we the community that hosted mining for the past 75 to 80 is that the shafts are under mine care maintenance of pumping water underground but we hardly see employees going to shaft’s.

The water crisis is something that we usually experience since well the water we drink is clean a healthy to be drunk.

Our government and municipality are failing the community due to waste management every corner of the village we have waste dumped on the is no service’s when it come’s to waste management.

From the day one of lockdown the Anglo platinum smelter is running it’s operation’s illegally by dumping toxic emissions to the surrounding communities of Bokamoso Mfidikoe Zakhele Thekwane,an since the environmental affairs minister Barbara Creecy doubled the So2 stack emissions while we’re facing the COVID-19 pandemic we are getting hopeless about our health.

The pandemic had brought fear to local sme’s because every shift from our national security personnel’s police they come and take food money.

Unemployment is a crisis here in ward 34 an 45 every day we see the community youth who are strike by lack of employment lack of skills an proper education they galavant the street’s seeking their daily routine of alcohol drug’s to come down the lockdown.

Veli Khoza