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The Covid19 Lockdown is a very big surprise

8 April 2020
Empumelelwen , Emalahleni Mpumalanga
Promise B Mabilo

The covid 19 Lockdown is a very big surprise to many of us, as we were not even prepared to be indoors.

Lot of people around the area are not working at all depending on social grant, some they are not working and don’t have the social grant depending on piece jobs, it is a very difficult time really.

Those who don’t have pay relying on grants also are in a bad situation as staying at home you have to spent more than usually eat now and again the grant is not enough to sustain the situation and the days of the lockdown not moving and try something to add on it.
This is what is happening in our area Mpumalanga eMalahleni

Picture shows places where people would buy and sell basics.