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We still have a water problem

22 April 2020
By Mmabore Mogashoa

Today we had water and since there is no schedule as to when we get water in the village and staying indoor most of the time, I saw water on the ground that is when I realised that there is water. Most of the people get water from the main pipe in the street to their houses and don’t have taps.

 Some of the pipes do leak sometimes because are damaged by sun and people used hand to dig. You can see them after rain on the damaged roads because of the lockdown the pipe I bought was short and I couldn’t buy another one. I wish that hardwares can be open as we need to buy tanks to store water and pipes then we will have enough water as we are not sure when we will get water. We got water on the 07th April 2020 and today was for the second time in a month after 14 days.