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A town separated in two camps: The “rule followers” and the ‘risk takers’

16 May 2020
Monametse Village,Atok
Limpopo Province
By Gilbert Moela

“Why the people ignoring social distancing orders just won’t listen”

As a few cling to the President’s call for social distancing and perseverance in the face of the coronavirus crisis, others are just being ignorant which could be a “formula for disaster.”
The Tubatse town has officially separated into two camps: the rule followers, observant of social distancing and hopeful of flattening the curve; and the risk-takers, who have been storming the town with their masks hanging underneath their chin, only to be worn when there’s a police and or soldier approaching.

Today as I went to Tubatse Town in the Eastern Limb I was caught by surprised as the only people who observed social distancing were those queuing for bank and shops under the strict supervision of security guards. Most of the people will only wear their masks only at the shop entrance and immediately taking them off once they past the security guard whilst on the outside of the Mall others were not even adhering to the president’s appeal with others smoking cigarettes. It’s almost like we want the virus to win, so we’re going to go to town and also still have access to cigarettes which were banned.