Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Anglo Platinum Mine at Amadabuilt agrees to talk directly wth the Sefikile Community.

Sefikile village
Amo Tshabalala

The board of the Lekgotla had a conference call with the Anglo Platinum mine at Amadabuilt due the food parcels.

A Lekgotla spokesperson called Jomo Keromeng regarding the food parcels and asked him why our community name is not on the list.

The answer he gave is that we were not told about that and a Mr. Matome said that the mine did the arrangements with Kgosi Pilane.

We then said to him (Matome) everything regarding the Sefikile community should be discussed with our spokesperson and the Bakgatla Ba Kgafela (BBK) Administrator since the commission report was released.

We made an agreement that we are going to have another conference call on the 21/05/2020 to finalise on how we are going to receive the masks and sanitisers since the food parcels has been taken to another village without our knowledge.

He (Matome) then agreed to that and we wrote the letter to the BBK Administrator to write to Matome and direct him to our spokesperson and tell him (Matome) that anything regarding the Sefikile community should be discussed with the Sefikile board of Lekgotla and we agreed and wrote to the BBK Administrator.

From now on everything regarding the Sefikile community will be discussed with us as the board and we include all the relevant Sefikile structures in every discussions and everything.

We are now waiting for the 21/05/2020 to take everything forward and see what will roll out out of that conference call.