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Bidvest Prestige’s attempt to scam it’s Sun City employees

21 May 2020
Ole Motene

Prestige Company has been a service provider to Sun City for years before it became Bidvest Prestige. This company used to provide cleaning services to the hotel that was before their client (Sun International-Sun City) discovered that they have been losing linen worth a million as a result of the company’s poor administration.

A month or 2 before national lockdown which had locals see one of the busy resort close for the first time since its establishment, the company’s employees were notified that the Sun City contract is terminated with a month notice. This caused a lot of stress for the employees as they were not clear what the future holds for them.

Lockdown measures were set the company employees were all home like all other non-essential service citizens. Their stress mounting with questions of their payment and employment after lockdown.

Yesterday a message was received by employees that the company was awarded a big contract in the Rustenburg area and they will called on specific days to come sign to be re-employed or for provident funds.

There was a number of people who showed up at the office to sign for their preference. They were informed that should they opted for employment it will be of school sanitation as schools are set to reopen. But they later learned that they were made also to sign resignation letters. Union reps were called to the scene along with police service, they managed to get signed documents torn and conveyed a message to the company head office that the signed document they received are to be deemed invalid as employees were not made aware of what they were signing.

All employees are advised to not act alone when called by the company but ensure that their union reps are available to ensure the valid documents are signed for re-employed or provident funds.