Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community Build Successful Home Food Gardens

Benerd Ngomane
Nkomazi, Madadeni

FOOD SECURITY (home food gardens)
The community of Mpumalanga, Nkomazi municipality, Madadeni are doing home food gardens after the motivation that has been brought by EMG on 2016. On year 2016/17 in partnership with EMG.
We engaged with the community on trying to influence them to do home food gardens for nutritional fresh products at a close range.
Now the majority of the households are doing their home food gardens regardless of the challenge of the Covid19.
They have learned to secure their vegetables.
We now see the impact of engagement with the community they gradually get influenced on what they see others benefiting on. This year 2020 there’s a majority involvement although they are now doing it by themselves.