Tunatazama - Community Monitors

COVID19 disrupts community meeting structure

11th May 2020
Sefikile North West
By Amo Tshabalala

I had a chance to meet and ask questions about how COVID19 is affecting the Lekgotla people. I met with the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson of the Lekgotla and they are both not happy.

They complaining that everything seem to be stacked. For them not going to the Lekgotla things are falling apart, they need to attend Lekgotla to fix.

If the government can allow mine workers surely they can also allow us and the fact that they know how valuable our communities are to us then we must meet and sort things out said the Chairperson Mr A.R Manyako and the Deputy Chairperson Mrs B Mogobye.

Our community is more important than any other things but we are not saying g we are going to disobey the rules but it must also come to an end now it’s been long time now.

The community of Sefikile is waiting for us to give them the reports since COVID19 that what went during COVID19 so we are also waiting g for them too.

We are also working, we are not sitting, relaxing and doing nothing we are very busy at the end of this COVID19 our community will be surprised cause we have a lot of surprises for them and the truth is they deserve some good and surprising news after COVID19.

Telephones are working to do the job, but it’s not like going there and doing it hands fully but what can we say even if there are delays but it’s done at the end of the day.

What I can promise you is that there is a lot of work to be done after COVID 19 and we are going to need the community’s support at most. Remember, we’re working together with the community with the mandate of the community so that is why am saying we’re going to need them at most.

Everything has stacked because of this COVID19 and we suggest it must be taken to where it came from and where it belongs cause it does not belong in SOUTH AFRICA so that we can do our jobs freely so.

The PURIFIED BAKGATLA BA SEFIKILE says it’s enough with this CORONA VIRUS it’s time to get working. The more it takes long the more it will be difficult to be dealt with, it better be dealt with now just once and for all.

Thank you and happy mother’s day to all.