Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Five minutes Grocery’s for the poor

Rapule Moiloa

Lock down did not happen because it was supposed to but an unforeseen virus that left many people without jobs, without food, caused life’s to be put on hold then people who thought of the poor not about themselves organised food parcels for the poor, the vulnerable and the needy so that they can eat together with their families.

I am disturbed by those who receives these food parcels instead of taking these food to the relevant people they help themselves with the same food these are selfish people who can afford good food but steal from the poor. What is to be done when those who are supposed to distribute the same food to the people but don’t do the distribution? What is to be done when food parcels are found in the back of the car, what is to be when food parcels are distributed at night in the dark for the few or even sold, what is to be done when the same food parcels distributed according to structures of the political parties and what is to be done when the problem is not yet contained and politicising it’s pulling the rug under the feet of poor, vulnerable and needy people and these is a five minute grocery packaged in small plastic bags i see these as disrespecting, thinking less of the poor it’s a disgrace.