Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Food parcel distribution done right

Kgokong Moraka

Kraalhoek community village is under Moses kotane local municipality. It is one of the thirty two villages under Bakgatla Ba Kgafela tribal authority.

After the announcement of food parcels by the president, a coordinator under the municipality identified families who deserve to get these parcels. All this happened a week after the announcement.

Two weeks ago a truck came to our village with CPA members distributing food parcel to families in need. According to my observation they did great in terms of fairness. But we still don’t know how they identified those families. Two days after, another batch of food parcels came and was distributed again, they were fair enough. According to the report I got from one family member who got them said they were from the tribal authority. There are families who got two food parcels and still hoping to get the last one from Moses kotane.

I believe each and every company should use tribal authority in that village, to identify families who are in needy to avoid one family getting two food parcels.