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Food Parcels – Many are helping some are stealing

Vusimuzi Tembisa Ekurhuleni
Rapule Moiloa

The announcement of food parcels meant to help people in need but we’ve seen how those who are distributing the food parcels are helping themselves first before the people who are in need of food. Here we are in a situation that has made many people to be out of jobs, many people worked and were able to support themselves and their families before lockdown was implemented because of the coronavirus.

There are organisations, foundations, individual people who came forth to help people in need with food parcels to at least to have food though it’s not enough but they are helping then there are those individuals who are to distribute food parcels stealing from the needy and the poor people. This is the battle to help the needy because people are helping themselves with what is supposed to go to the people who really needs the most.

In Vusimuzi the community registered to get food parcels that were donated and lists of names were used for the people who registered to get food parcels, people were called to collect their food parcels people were happy saying at least they have some food though it’s not enough but the little that they were given will help them for they will be able to eat it’s better than nothing since there’s no income. The food was packaged in a box the names of the people who came were the food parcels were distributed and their names were not on the lists they got a chance to register so that they too can be able to get the food.