Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Hand sanitising at the gate and no mask no entry

Diepkloof Square Soweto
Rapule Moiloa

Hand wash soap and running water at the entrance of the shopping complex in Diepkloof square. Yesterday I went to Diepkloof and on arrival at Diepkloof square I realised that at the entrance of the complex people wash their hands with liquid hand soap and before proceeding to any shop that one will enter hand sanitising is done also before entry to a shop I also realised that social distancing is kept in all shops honestly I was happy to see that management of the complex are making sure that socialising distancing and that people sanitize hands before entry at the gate and also before entry at any shop.

Security company at Diepkloof square entrance maintained the rule of no mask no entry at the complex many people who did not have their masks on their faces were denied entry at the complex, corona virus affected every one mentally, emotionally and financially and l must say that even so these virus somehow created small business opportunity for selling masks and people without masks they buy for they want to buy groceries they don’t want to go back home without having bought anything they need from the shops.