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Informal food sellers not following the rules of social distancing

Vusimuzi Tembisa Ekurhuleni
Rapule Moiloa

Many of the people in Tembisa believe in making money through selling cooked food. Their market place is outside shopping complexes, taxi ranks etc., but not thinking or they are ignorant with keeping rules and regulations not to sell cooked food unless if he or she cooks at home and people place an order through a phone then the person to deliver what they are cooking. But in these case it’s not like that for i have witnessed that people don’t listen and the problem is we only become attentive when already they find themselves in hot water for instance when they are arrested for breaking the rules.

These men are cooking and selling mogodu just outside a shopping complex these attracts people to come and buy they don’t make a queue, he has no rules on how he operates, I have heard that Ekurhuleni is one of the metros with many cases of the virus that makes it a hotspot of the virus in these case many people only cover their faces with masks when they enter or approach the gate of the shopping complex to be allowed entry then when leaving the shopping complex the mask is removed from their faces, this happens with the person who is selling this meat. I see that people are ignorant and missing the point of the reality of the virus that the virus is here we can’t see nor feel the virus but death is the results of the virus that we can see.