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Mogwase SAPS Doing a Great Job but there we frustrations

Kgokong Moraka

South African police service in Mogwase render services in many communities including Kraalhoek village. In the past weeks we saw an increasing number of people who are selling homemade beers made from ginger, pineapples and etc. The past three weeks Mogwase SAPS were here at the village to wipe out all these illegal selling of these homemade beers. And as from last week the numbers has declined, even though we saw many people traveling to other villages to buy.

The police really did a great job which has on the other hand caused a frustration to other people. Last two days a break in was reported at M&M tavern here at the village. The thieves broke in and took almost all beers in a tavern.

The truth is here at the villages, security measures of taverns are still low. Which can pose threat of multiple break in. The government should quickly reconsider ways of allowing the selling of alcohol that are currently in the shelves to avoid loss to the tavern owners and more criminal activities.