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People go out without masks

12th April 2020
Makhuduthamaga, Sekhukhune
by Mmabore Mogashoa

Today I went to Jane Furse and when I enter one of the shops they used thermometer gun to check body temperature, sanitize hands and only allow those who have masks. This shows how businesses are making sure that people entering their shops have the right temperature and safe. What worries me is people who walk at the streets in groups with no masks on. From GaMogashoa to Jane Furse you pass people with no masks and some sitting and enjoying drinks. People should know that it is our responsibility to be safe. Some people stay in the shops or outside for no reason. Does our children understand better than us or we are just taking things for granted?

When I get home I found children playing and what surprised me is that they used tissue and plastic to make masks while playing and adults are walking on the streets as if COVID-19 is not dangerous. If children can play, and talk about Covid-19, why is it difficult for us as adults to wear masks? There is a law that says it is a serious offence to be in public places with no mask but people just walk without masks. Government should not force us to wear masks because it is for our own safety. It is people who should wear masks and remind each other to do so. People who don’t have masks use cloths than those who go out without them put their lives and others in danger.