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A Challenge to Activists – educate the youth about the pandemic

24 April 2020
Tigane, Klerksdorp
David Gaanakgomo

The youth are gallivanting as if the country is not faced by a dreadful disease which is sweeping away the lives of millions worldwide COVID-19. Their behaviour is that of the ignorant.

As the rules or guidelines of covid-19 states that staying at home save lives, to them it is a meaningless caution. The closure of the learning institutes was intended to protect them. Surely the government were advised by the people who made their research well. To them it is a long vacation for socializing, not knowing exactly that the very socializing which they enjoy so much put their lives and of their loved ones at risk.

It is a known fact that some are raised by their grandparents who are illiterate because they lost their lives biological parents whose lives were taken by HIV/AIDS pandemic. To those who have parents who are aware of the pandemic would have been much better if were well taught about it. The challenge is posed to the community activists to teach the youth about this dreadful disease. Otherwise the nation will be faced by a serious row of deaths. The other best solution to keep them away from the streets is to take them in small quantities and assist them with their school work.

The nation will face this covid-19 for a very long time if the rules outlined to contain it are not followed. Bear in mind that this covid-19 is affecting the country in many ways. It is crippling the economy of the country. If not well contained, the country is going to be behind at least by a year.

The government is trying its level best to contain it, if it was not so it wouldn’t spend so much money to stop the spread of this dreadful disease. Activists is up to you to prove yourself that you really care about your communities through education, education and education.