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A Response by unemployed people to the COVID19 Relief Measures of the President on 21 APRIL 2020

22 April 2020
Motlhabe Village, North West
By Goitse Gab

The youth and unemployed above 35 are becoming more worried since our president addressed the nation yesterday on 21st April 2020.They said there are not working and they depend on the piece job that they can’t get now because of lockdown and Covid-19.

They appreciate the little that president grant of R350 individual social distress for not having income but their problems are
Firstly applying for that money. Secondly they don’t have bank accounts. Thirdly the social development office is far from them about fifty km away from their village. Fourth they don’t have money for transport even right now they struggle to put food on the table.

Their most concern is upcoming Thursday address. There is a fear that the president will officially declare 3 months Lockdown as he has given social distress grants for the next six months. The dream of unemployed people to get a job at Sedibelo platinum mine has been shattered
Sedibelo mine was supposed to open the end of March 2020.The unemployed said the coronavirus brought them fear, stress and distractions because they don’t know what is causes coronavirus and they only know how is spread.