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Activists continue to deliver food parcels in the Villages.

Mohuba Clifford
02 May 2020
Atok Monametse

As on 2nd May 2020 MACUA/WAMUA together with Monametse/Mokgotho engagement forum team were busy doing door to door giving the needy food parcels.
The MACUA team were warmly welcomed by the villagers as they did the formal introduction to the villagers
People were happy and praising MACUA cause they weren’t forgotten and wished that more organisations should do the same cause now people need them more than before.
As MACUA adhered to the rules of the lockdown they decided to do door to door to avoid the gathering of people
People of Monametse/Mokgotho thank MACUA, they say let it not be monametse/Mokgotho only and be the same with other people that need food parcels to make it to the last day of coronavirus free country ✊

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