Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Clinic services and system changed

Susan Moraba

As the Lock down started and the system and services of public clinics and hospitals also changed.
The clinic in Maandagshoek and the hospital has a social distance mark down precautions, people must wear face masks when entering the premises and are sanitised on the gate and in the consultation rooms.
If you don’t have a mask the securities at the gates don’t allow you to enter until they provide you with a mask.

The lines are no longer long as only people who come for chronic medication, pregnant women and new-borns for 3days vaccines are allowed to be at the clinic and the hospital is only admitting emergency patients who are injured.

Pregnant women who are on labour only are allowed to stay for 6 hours after labour if there are no complications on the mother or the baby. They will only return for the 3days check-up and vaccine then that’s it for the baby, no other consultations will be done until the Covid 19 situation is at ease and the sisters said that they will announce when children’s vaccines should be taken again and they will start from all the missed vaccines and only a sick child can be brought to the clinic for medical attention.