Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community Action – We have a plan for our Youth

21st April 2020
Christinah Mogobye
Sefikile Village Moses Kotane Local Municipality

As an activist, empowering youth is in my heart, it has always been. I have seen how kids are used in terms of drugs, alcohol and prostitution. Peer pressure is also playing the part.

Our kids are being exposed to things that may later destroy their future. Some have to witness their mothers being abused and that can really damage them, mentally and emotionally.
Empowerment: It took me years to do something about this and as an activists who cares and loves her community I saw a need to develop and empower them by forming a dance group called “Songwana Dance group” and forming a netball team called “Happy Hearts netball team”.

Team work: This is not for financial gain as I am not receiving any funds to sustain these two groups, however, I and my Facilitator Amo Tshabalala have joined heads with some few community members to form a forum, and we applied to register these groups as NPO.

Academic assistance: We are not just focused on youth, kids as young as 10 are also playing the part. They are between 10 and 18. We also assist them with homework because some of them stay with older citizens who struggle to assist them academically and that’s where we step in, not just academic assistance, some are struggling financially so when we have trips we usually ask for donations from the community in order to cover food, water and transport service.

Development: As an activist, I want to see these kids’ lives transforming and I want to see them successful, having a brighter future and not getting destructed from their studies. We have not received our certificate from Department of Social Development but we have been having meetings and when it comes to developing youth and children, our community is very supportive.

Moral support: It is very important for activists to empower and support kids in our community because their future is in our hands and it really takes a village to raise a child and they need to be developed and groomed at a very young age before they get exposed to drugs, prostitution and engaging in relationships at a young age. The teachers are trying to give them all they need to have but they also need our help and support.
Confidence: I believe and trust that one day they would make us proud, they will keep the ball rolling and they won’t break the chain because they have seen the importance of being developed, groomed and empowered by those they look up to. In our times we did not have some resources but times have changed now, so we need to use those resources and technology is also helping.

Safety and security: this is a very serious issue. Just like I took responsibility of developing them, I also have to make sure that their safety becomes my priority. When I am with them and when we depart, I take them to their different homes and make sure that they are in safe hands.
Let us empower our young citizens. Our children, our future leaders. I am enclosing pictures of my netball team and dance group.