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Community Screening

Joe Mashilo

The Covid 19 community screening, they announce by loud haling then they don’t shop up.

In Jouberton ext 24, it is not for the first time that loud-haling is deemed ridiculous. On the third week of the lockdown, a loudhailer was going around informing people that residents will be screened for Covid 19. It was announced that screening will take place on the next day of the loud-hailing. Residents who were asked to stand on their front gates realised that this was yet another joke, the screeners did not show up even today. Thus far, no questions asked and nobody has been made to account.

Residents says it is not for the first time that loud-haling takes place and people responsible not showing up, they said the ward 14 councillor is good on that. I don’t understand why the screening activity was not too honoured when Covid 19 is so serious. From the day the North West provincial government rolled out the massive screening project, the residents of ext. 15, 16, 17, 22, 24 and 25 have not been visited and screened for Covid 19.