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Confirmed Mine covid19 case results in evictions

23 May 2020

On the 14th of this month RPlats realised a statement confirming a positive case of one of their employees working at Maseve tailings dam under Fraser Alexander contract.

The employee and those he had come into contact with were taken into quarantine as per regulated measures to curb the spread. All RBplats employees were notified of the case via sms.

It is now alleged that employees of the company Fraser Alexander a service provider to RBPlats at their Maseve tailings who are renting in one the local village are being evicted due fear of covid19.

The person I received the information from feels that the reopening of the mining industry was a bit premature provided most employees had travelled to their respective homes (different provinces). He added that yes the company does screening daily but it’s not sufficient due to the nature of mining job and this has caused lots of fear among people. We do hope those who may have been evicted will have alternatives.