Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Corruption and Political involvement in food distribution.

Ikemeleng Kroondal
By: Steven Ramokhula

Ikemeleng is an informal settlement in Kroondal outside Rustenburg. It is within the radius of four mining houses named Glencore, Samancor, Sibanye and Lanxess.
Over the past few months the whole world have been affected by the Covid- 19 and specifically South Africa declared Covid- 19 a national disaster and the whole country went to lockdown.
Ikemeleng like many other communities in the county was extremely affected by the lockdown. The President addressed the nation that those who are affected more and cannot cope, will get help in the form of food parcels from the government and other NGO’s.

On the 3rd of May half of the community members gathered in front of the yard of the Councillor’s sister where it was claimed that ward councillor has stored all the food parcels.
Later on the soldiers and the police were called to the scene and very fast the arrived. This was also because people were not following the social distance policy. All they cared about was to get the food parcels.

It was confirmed that the Councillor did receive the food parcels and was distributing them at night to the members of the ANC and to her friends and tribe.
The solders and the police did not care about the problem at hand, all they cared about was for people di disperse and follow the social distancing policy.
To this day the problem remain unsolved as people are frightened by the soldiers and the police.
For as long as you are not a member of the ANC or a friend of the Councillor or one of her tribe, you are literally not a member of the community. Is this how our government works? Do people only add to the number of voters and Stats SA?