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Corruption in the System

Tembisa Ekurhuleni
Rapule Moiloa

While lockdown is slowly eased I’ve seen that people can do anything to survive even if it’s robbing others, I have seen that some of the police officials are corrupt taking part in illegal gambling by taking money from the ones running illegal gambling on road side it is the same police who are to stop these people but no they are taking bribes from illegal gamblers.

 These is a group of people who stand on the street corner acting as if they don’t know each other but pretending so that they can scam people who passes by to steal their money, Police should be making sure that people don’t gather in numbers for lock down is not yet lifted and the virus is not contained, Secondly the police harass foreign shop owners demanding money, food and other things and one shop owner stated that the same police officers come to his shop to demand if they don’t get anything threats of arrests are uttered by the police.