Vusimuzi Tembisa Ekurhuleni

We have been following food parcels theft story, (1) Councillors were told not to be part of any food parcel distribution by any means but i have heard how it has been difficult for people to get these food parcels since the announcement by Cyril Ramaphosa unfortunately people have been helping themselves with these food parcels, early this month many people registered to get food parcels but only a few got the food parcels, I heard today that a councillor had his car filled with the same food parcels that were supposed to have been given to people in Vusimuzi.

He was caught in Limpopo with food parcels in his car and he was arrested for theft then released with 5000 bail, also the Anonymous person said that the same person took some of the toilets that belonged to the people who stay at informal settlement in Vusimuzi to Limpopo to rent them out he said it’s shame to look up to a councillor of a party that many believe is for the people will lead with honesty, with love and integrity plus fairness in these days to allow the community to have excess to the food that is donated not by his party but by HCI and partner.