Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid-19: Men in blue and health workers working very hard

27 May 2020
Sefikile Village
Moses Kotane
Christinah Mogobye

I have seen how cops and soldiers have been abusing and I’ll treating communities in other parts of the country but I am glad it’s not happening in our own village. However, I am very disappointed in some of the parents in my community. If the message was not spread every now and then I would say they need workshop on this but then the message is loud and clear and parents are not controlling their kids.

I am afraid in a time like this it’s where kidnappers take advantage of kids who still play in the streets and we as parents should not allow our kids to get out of our sight. I am grateful to all cops and soldiers who have been doing their job by making sure that people are in their yards without harming them. Also our health workers at health centres are ensuring that patients’ lives are not put in a risk, not forgetting our home based care workers in our community who do their job passionately and while putting their lives at risk.

This Covid-19 affected many lives countrywide, taxi operators are also suffering as their business is also affected, and the community itself is also affected. Spazashop owners have been good to us and helping us with credit in times of need but now they refuse to help us because they are afraid we might not pay them back.

We just hope and trust that people will still comply in this coming level 3 and let us be our community’s cops and soldiers by getting our kids off the streets and advise other community members to stay indoors, wear masks and sanitize.