Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid-19: The poor suffer most.

26 May 2020
Sefikile Village-Moses Kotane
Christinah Mogobye

Ever since Covid-19 many people’s lives are badly affected, but my main concern is families of close to 15 lives living in a two-roomed house and not being provided for or taken care of. There are families who are worried about where their next meal will come from as their bread winners are no longer providing for them.

For instance, domestic workers, groundsmen and other workers who were not registered by their employers and this affecting their relationship with family members and causing conflict as there are families who don’t believe that there are workers who are not being paid and this R350 grant relief cannot be depended on as it has not been effective yet.

It came to my attention that there is a household where family members close to 15 are living in a two-roomed house and fearing for their lives as they are supposed to maintain social distancing and chances of being infected all as there are kids who have been attending school and there are two Grade 12 learners who are supposed to go to school next week and they don’t know how to handle the situation. I referred them to social Development official who promised to look into this matter but I would also be following this up telephonically.

As activists let is assist our communities where we can and where we can’t let us refer them to relevant Departments or other Organizations that might assist them further.