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COVID-19 Threatens African traditional rituals

16 June 2020
By Mmabore Mogashoa

COVID-19 has affected our ways of living in a bad way. Winter season is the time for people who believe in traditional initiation to do so. This is the time which young men had to go to the mountain to be initiated but this year is different. There are no initiation schools that are open now for June/July as a result of the pandemic. Initiation school is a way of training young men to be responsible adults in a traditional way. Initiation schools are ran by traditional leaders, people who have medication/powers and traditional practitioners.

 From 16 June people start initiation schools and celebrations until July but this year is quiet. This pandemic is robbing people to practice what they believe in as most of Africans go to initiation schools. People who make a living from initiation schools are also affected badly. If a cure for corona virus is not found, our ways of living as Africans will not be the same as it is difficult for us to follow our tradition. It is not only initiation schools as people are unable to do traditional rituals.