Emalahleni Mpumalanga zone 14
Collen Jolobe

What we know as normal life has been turned to misery for everyone, because of this pandemic called Covid 19, which has brought many challenges in our communities, people have to live without income, due to the lock down in our country. This has brought poverty and unemployment in our communities, people don’t have enough food to eat and they survive by food parcels some they don’t even have to receive those food parcels. Lock down has come with regulations, which need to be kept. People find it difficult to keep those regulations, because it wasn’t part of their lives, such as social distancing when they have to be long queues, and Wearing of face mask.

We can’t go to church for worship, and we can’t socialise to gather with our love ones, life is not enjoyable as we used to. We don’t know when this will end. Covid 19 has brought so many fears, we now live of what is called a new normal.