27: May 2020
Tumi Mokgatle

The call by the minister of Basic Education for the return to school had been met with fierce resistance and outcry from parents.

Parents fear that once kids go back to school the virus will spiral out of control.

The fear is of course genuine and just as some health workers tested positive, proving that you can never be cautious enough with Covid-19.

Sadtu and other teacher unions have expressed the lack of readiness by the basic education department.

However church leaders have been singing a different tune and it’s surprising that parents who are advocating against return to class are in support to the call by religious leaders.

Following the announcement by the president that churches can open.

Many welcomed the move and are celebrating the opening of church doors.

How will church comply, will churches also need their buildings to be sanitised and who will foot the bill.

Will the church be responsible enough to keep the register as well as to ensure effective social distancing?

Is the school posing more danger than the church environment? Who will again monitor that churches comply.

I find churches selfish and irrelevant, they have not done anything yet to assist in creating income streams for the unemployed. They are a group of with an agenda which has no interest for black and poor majority.