Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Dumping outside shopping complex

06 May 2020
Makhuduthamaga, Sekhukhune
by Mmabore

While in the queue at Jane Furse plaza, I noticed that people just throw anything on the ground. Next to the fence there were cabbage leaves, bottles, plastics and food containers (takeaways). It looks as if someone was trying to burn some next to Jane Furse Plaza and left the ashes there. The cabbage leaves were so many and might be left there by someone who sell the cabbage. People should be thoughtful and clean the space where they were selling before going home as this might cause smell and flies.

The outside of the shopping complex is not clean as people don’t throw the garbage into dustbins. The queues are very long and for someone to go to the dustbins, you will have to join the queue from the back again once you find that the person you are following is not there or already went into the complex. I wish that there can be people who will be monitoring to see that people don’t litter the place.
There are people who are cleaning inside the shopping centre but people just throw everything on the ground because of the long queues.