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Electricity Cut Offs – Community Protest

Diepkloof Soweto
Rapule Moiloa

On 15-06-2020 residents embarked on a protest to Eskom’s offices in Diepkloof zone.  Every winter season, Soweto residents face electricity cut offs and these protests come a day before the commemoration of 1976 June 16.

Young people took part in the protest on Monday to have Eskom to switch back on the electricity for residents of Diepkloof and other parts of Soweto experiencing cut offs. Eskom states that Soweto residents owe money hence there are cut offs experienced and l remember between 2013 and 2014 we had a meeting with Eskom to state the case of residents that we want to pay a flat rate as Soweto residents since we waited for the decision to this day.

Instead they have new electricity prepaid metres installed these has not brought a difference because whether one pays electricity or not they will stay in the dark, or even buying when cut offs take place every one is in the dark despite efforts to come to an agreement to pay a flat rate but Eskom wants what they want and there are people who keep their medications inside the fridge, others have operations that needs to be kept warm at all times especially in winter season. These affects many people and many people get sick during winter season. The young people in South Africa faces a lot of problems as much as young people back in 1976 June 16