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Electricity Rotation


Local Municipality introduced a new system of Energy called: Schedule Rotation Load Reduction. According to Local Municipality the main aim of the schedule is to reduce the overloaded capacity of Energy by rotation.

The schedule is categories with phases for Seven Days:
• Area 1-Yellow Colours
• Area 2-Green Colours
• Area 3-White Colours
The schedule is available on Msukaligwa Facebook Page. The rotation commerce on the 18th of May 2020 until 24 May 2020. The duration of Electricity outbreak is one hour 30 minutes, starting at 17:00 daily.

Some areas in EXT 5 and half of old Wesselton is experiencing some difficulties of electricity outbreak everyday even before the planned schedule about to take place. Meaning they spend most of the time without electricity, while they are listed on rotation system.

The Most sad part other section are not part of the schedule at all.
The 2nd schedule once again listed the same areas that were part of schedule one. Other sections never experience electricity interruption or even included on the 2nd schedule.

Msukaligwa Local Municipality presented a draft IDP Budget for 2020/21 Financial year.
The comments were submitted via WhatsApp, Faxing, Suggestion Box, Local Municipality Facebook Page and E-mail.
And also Energy tariffs increase by 8.1% then third phase tariffs increase by 10%.