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Fitness Activities during Lockdown

Lephalale (Marapong)
By Hlabiwa Letlhaka

Yesterday when I was from the shopping complex, I met with youthful people doing fitness exercises on the street in Marapong Location. Level 5 regulations was very strict to such extended people won’t be able to go out for a walk to stretch the body. Eating and watching televisions was daily doings. People feel free now to burn fat.

 Even though they didn’t cover their mouths and noses but they tried to follow social distancing. It’s paramount important to follow level 4 regulations during this period. When they found you not wearing a facemask in public face you will be fined R300 00 which is almost Unemployment Relief Grant. In the same time I don’t know if it will be possible to exercise putting on the facemask. Let’s be guided by Level 4 regulations and stay safe. Fitness Activities during Lockdown