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Follow up Story of High Court Polokwane

Margaret Molomo

Since December 2018 Ivan Plats lawyer Mr Pieter Smit doesn’t want to see himself with Kopano Formation members in court. He withdrawn the case with Tshamahanzi Development Committee members on February 2020. Remember Kopano made friends of the court with Tshamahanzi development committee, when they pull out, we were left alone and look for another lawyer Mr Motime he promised that he will help us to engage with Ivan Plats but we are not sure about his relationship with Ivan Plats.
On the 25th May 2020 it was our date to go back to court with Mr Motimele.

 We went to court only to find that Mr Motimele agreed with Mr Pieter Smit to take our case off the roll. Then Mr Aubrey Langa had to explain to Jurge Venter that we as Kopano has never made an agreement between the mine and our lawyer Mr Motimele to withdraw the case. We showed the Judge our correspondence via emails. Judge Venter was so shocked and ask, what this case all about is. Mr Aubrey Langa told him that it’s all about illegal mining on a prohibited area.
Then Judge Venter give us a new date 4 August 2020.
Comrades please keep records when you engage with lawyers .I’ve been taught by our comrade leader David Van Wyk. If you don’t have evidence in court you will die with a heart attack.
Mr Smit. After he discovered that our case is back to be heard in court, he sent us an email to asking for a draft settlement document. And in that document we mentioned a1 0% share free rider of the community of Mokopane.