Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Food Parcel Theft

Diepkloof Soweto

Food parcel theft has become cruelty to the poor and the people who are already out of work because of people who still have jobs, who can provide for themselves and their family’s these has been going on and many people have no food because of such people who continue stealing food that is supposed to go to people.

In Diepkloof at a welfare centre a group of people were spotted putting food in the trunk of the their cars and these people are suspected to be councillors around Diepkloof the person who spotted them he was shouting out side from the gate seeing everything that was happening he was not alone there were people also who were shouting saying that the suspects will not take the food to their homes these is the problem because councillors were told not to take part in food distribution the problem is food distribution is an opportunity for people to take what does not belong to them but to the poor who really need food.