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Free online lessons for high school learners

Thulani Snake-Park
Thokozile Mntambo

Wisdom Ndlovu is a 27 year old young man from Thulani Snake park. He is a founder of Siyafunda Education digital app. This is a free app that high school learners can download for free, it provides necessary information and resources for students to succeed.

Thulani Snake-Park does not have enough educational facilities like libraries for students to do their school work and assignments. This initiative started in 2016 offering Saturday classes to students who were struggling with maths and physical science. The national lockdown did not stop Wisdom Ndlovu and his team to continue helping high school learner’s for revision and to access past exam papers.

Online learning services have paved a way even for students in Thulani Snake-Park. Data is very expensive and it is a threat to learner’s who are from disadvantaged communities. Siyafunda Education has given an opportunity for students to download this app for free, at least in every home there is one person who has access to a smart phone. This gives an advantage for learner’s to access this digital education app , and continue with their studies at home.

Siyafunda Education has committed help high school learners even when finances are their biggest challenge at the moment. They still need a lot of technical equipment to sustain their infrastructure. During this national lockdown their main goal is to empower.