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Gangsters are using the face masks to do crime

06 May 2020
Kanana – Klerksdorp
Mahadio Mohapi

Since the lockdown down has taken place in Kanana, the rate of crime has went high, gangsters are using face mask to cover their faces to mug people and rob tuckshop and they also take advantage of face cloth because the police won’t ask them why they cover their faces it’s the law from our government to cover our faces.

On 22 April 2020 at Kanana complex in Pep store, one the gangster came inside the shop demanded 20 thousands from the store manager he took advantage because she is woman he covered his face with a face cloth so that no one can recognise him. He stabbed manager with a knife likely people who was in the saw him after stabbing the. He was beaten by the community till he died. The store manager took her to the hospital and she survived.

Since that day of incident, the community policing forum are helping the security of our shopping complex, so as the community of Kanana we are experiencing this lockdown in a bad way cause we don’t recognise the people we come across and we are scared to go to the shop in day and night because of mugged this is what we are experiencing during this lockdown.