Tunatazama - Community Monitors


17 June 2020
David Gaanakgomo

South Africa is one of the African countries with a very bad reputation of violence. Africa, everyone who sees South Africa on my resume cites violence. Historically, this violence is knit in RSA’s Cultural and Political fabric. From Tribal violence’s South Africa violence turned into Apartheid Avenue and witnessed racial violence. At the end of 20th century and genesis of the 21st century. South African violence turned into xenophobic Avenue. Although South African violence still shows its ugly head in tribal, racial and national distinctions it has now shown its ugly head in gender distinctions.

South African violence has unbelievably turned into Femicide and Gender Based Violence were we are sadly witnessing Violence against our mothers and sisters. It is so despicable that I run out of words to describe it. Some may justify and/or excuse South African violence on historical, cultural and political make-ups yet there is neither justification nor excuse for violence against women who have done nothing deserving this violence. Instead of putting our heads together to fight covid-19 we are crying for our mothers, sisters and daughters.

When we watched as George Floyd, a grown, strong man called for his mama with last gasp of air, women especially Black mothers felt a deep, almost personal pain. It was so heart-breaking to witness how his precious life meant nothing to those cops. The pain is starting to dissipate and his groans are disappearing from the ears of our hearts.

It is now our women and mothers whose bodies, pregnant with Black lives are littered across the length and breadth of South Africa. When women are hacked to death with axes, when they are lynching their bodies that are carrying their very own life. When women’s decomposed bodies wrapped in refuse bags because they (women) are not better than filth and rubbish-are fed to dogs. Like George Floyd, who must they call to? South African leadership has an obligation to intervene. They took an oath to govern by the constitution. Our constitution is one of the best on the continent. On paper, it does not tolerate discrimination, based on gender, race, tribe, sexual orientation, tongue, etc. South Africa has a leading role on the continent and must lead by example. South Africa rose up against the murder of George Floyd in the US. South Africa must use the same passion to combat Femicide and GBV in its own backyard