20 May 2020
Mahadio Mohapi

South African government calls on all citizens to wear masks whenever they leaves their homes. It is with a sad concern that at hard times when we really need our government to provide and deliver as they promised that’s when they give us a cold shoulder. Government must provide every south African citizen with a free masks the very same way they give us t-shirts when they need our votes, the very same way when they are organising rallies in every province, the very same way they are giving flyers to our people, the very same way they are printing their cars (advertising the party with car stickers), the very same way they are giving people goods at their rallies and going door to door to give away food parcels when they need us the most.

When we need to fight and curb the spread of the virus the government want its citizens to buy face masks yet the economy is not circulating and the number of unemployment is at it’s peak. One new t-shirt plus printing is equal to 1 box of face musk and the box contains +- 50 masks in a box. What I’m trying to say is with 1 printed t-shirt government can buy a box of 50 face masks and give to at least 50 people than giving 1 person a t-shirt. Why should we buy face mask when we can receive free t-shirts from the government? Why when it’s time to prevent the curb of the virus must we buy those things that prevent us from being the victims of the virus?