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Happy Africa’s Day✊

Waterberg Environmental Justice Forum like to share Victory Story as part of celebrating their first community project and Africa’s Day.

As we celebrate Africa’s Day, WEJF also celebrate its Victory of assisting some community in Lephalale. During old days people used to plough and feed themselves. We have introduced Agriculture Project in Lephalale on on 12/11/2019 in all 38 villages to identify the land that will turn to Agriculture Project. The project that will create opportunities and benefit local communities and its economy.

We are trying to reduce Unemployment rate, Poverty and Climate Change by going Green.

The project started on 15/01/2020 when we need assistance of 06 Jojo tanks and pipes that will supply water. Communities have raised the problem of not having enough water. We are aware and know that Lephalale Municipality is one of the water stressed Municipality. The project is running well under the supervision of Activist Sebolaisi Mabeba, deputy secretary of WEJF.

We have identified 04(four) portions of land in Lephalale and we wish the successful projects can employ roughly +- 100 people which will be Youth, Adults, People with disabilities, Woman and Man. Graduated and None graduated.

Time its now, let’s be part of solutions and alternatives. We believe in Agriculture✊✊✊✊